A New Job Direction

03 Apr 2017


Career Change

For much of 2016 and all of 2017 so far, I’ve been on the arduous journey that is the Google interview process. I’m happy to announce that the work has finally paid off!

I’ve accepted an offer from Google, and as of June, I will be a Developer Programs Engineer there. The job requires a mixture of programming and communication skills to straddle the line between API developer and API advocate. I’m very excited to be able to flex both of these muscles in this exciting career move. I’ve been engineering software as my main job since college, and in this blog and elsewhere, I enjoy communicating technical concepts for a variety of audiences.

Blog Change

I have no intention at this time of retiring from this blog. I also have no intention of breaking any nondisclosure agreements in the information I post here. Those two things considered, not much should change on this blog. Of course, over time, this career change will influence the content of this blog as any new experience would.

One concrete change I’m making is to the type of posts I make. Going forward, I plan on having a major post update on the first Monday of each month which will be similar to my current posts. Then, on the third Monday of each month, instead of doing a full post, I will post some references to interesting content I’ve encountered elsewhere. This change will relieve some of the burden in the post schedule for me, allowing me to put all of the effort and attention into my new job that it requires.

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