The Year Ahead

02 Jan 2017


Since my personal and professional life bleed over to this blog in terms of the types of topics I write about (after all, this is the Data Journeyman blog, a record of my path from noise to knowledge), I feel its only appropriate to update you on what changes are in store for me. And what better time to take stock than the turn of the calendar year.


As you know, I’m now comfortably underway with the OMSCS program. I’m only registered for one class this term, so that I can focus on non-school-related work (more on that later). The course I’m taking is High Performance Computer Architecture. I’ve never been much of a hardware guy, but I think it’s important to know as much as I can stand to learn about the details of the machines that I write code for. I fell in love with High Performance Computing concepts in the introductory class on the subject I took last semester, so I’m planning on using that momentum to get through what I expect will be a challenging shift for me to the hardware perspective of HPC.

Once I’ve got a handle on the course material, I really want to do a Big Data/HPC series. There is a lot of crossover, since the bigger the data, the more performant your system needs to be, and special considerations need to be taken if your data doesn’t fit in a single machine’s memory. Be on the lookout for that series in the coming months.


In December, I was accepted to the Toptal Network for freelance web developers. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with top-tier clients and to work on a variety of projects. If you’re interested in the specifics of Toptal, feel free to ask in the comments, but for now I’ll focus on how this career shift will impact this blog.

Toptal is very encouraging of its developers and designers to share their knowledge with each other. There is a Toptal Engineering Blog where developers can write about any technical topic they’re passionate about. I have a few ideas in mind for a post I’d like to contribute. The top idea I’m interested in writing about is documentation, how to view it, and how to do it (and keep doing it) well. If that or another post makes it onto that blog, I’ll showcase it here as well.

An Exciting Year

I’m excited about 2017, and I think it’s going to be a year of great growth for myself professionally and through this blog. I look forward to writing about the topics I’ve mentioned above, and to dig deeper into some other topics I’ve already covered in earlier posts, like ethics in data science. The next phase of the journey should be a great one!

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