OMSCS: First Semester

29 Aug 2016


I’ve already written about being accepted into Georgia Tech’s Online Master’s in Computer Science program. Well, it has started, and I have a week’s worth of it behind me so far.

My current classes are High Performace Computing and Data and Visual Analytics.

High Performance Computing is centered around parallel programming in the forms of PRAM, Distributed Memory Networks, and Two-Level Memory models. PRAM is what I was exposed to in my undergrad CS program. Distributed Memory Networks are the kinds of systems that are used at Google. I don’t have any prior knowledge of Two-Level Memory, but it seems very useful as well. I hope to do a post on these types of parallel processing in the future.

Data and Visual Analytics seems to have much less new material in it for me. Most of the course seems to have been covered in my Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree. However, I’m very excited to get more practice at data visualizations. This class will most definitely feed into the content of this blog.

In terms of workload, this program is already harder than I was expecting. Since I want to be improving the quality of these posts continuously, I don’t want them to suffer from lack of attention, or for them to take away from my Master’s program. So for now I’m going to try posting every first and third Monday of the month. I also hope to do a minor update to the website soon, which will include an RSS feed, if that would help any of you keep up with the slightly less consistent posting schedule moving forward.

And as always, thanks for following me on this journey. I think it’s about to get really good!

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