Numeric Calculation Workflow

02 May 2016

Tools and Resources

I recently added a 12.9” iPad Pro to my Apple family of products. My only previous iPad was an iPad mini, and I didn’t use it nearly enough to warrant that purchase. However, I had hopes that the larger form factor – in conjunction with the added capabilities like the Apple Pencil – would give this new device a lasting place in my overall computing device usage. I’m happy to say that this is definitely the case, and I find myself using my iPad Pro more and more often for various parts of my workflow. (I’m even writing this blog post on it using the Working Copy app.)

Yesterday, I was working on a series of numerical calculations for an A/B Testing class I’m taking, and I found a great workflow that allowed me to get through a lot of complex numerical calculations without losing place in a web of calculations.

Using iOS’s multitasking feature, I had the Notes app running side by side with a great handwriting calculator called MyScript Calculator. With this setup, I was able to keep my long-running calculations in the Notes app and then seamlessly do actual calculations on the calculator’s scratch pad, which would evaluate whatever expression I scribbled on it.

Animated gif to show the handwriting recognition and automatic calculation in MyScript Calculator

I like this workflow because it feels so natural, and I hope that in the coming generation of computing devices there are more and more ways to make our tools natural extensions of our process to better facilitate fast and effective workflows.

Note: I am not compensated by nor do I have any investment in any of the apps or tools or resources mentioned here or elsewhere on this blog.

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