16 Nov 2015


Two Roads Diverged

This blog and I are at a turning point. In my attempt to delve into the world of Data Science, I used this blog as a platform to go through several books, websites, and videos on the subject, writing up Curriculum posts along the way. Since enrolling the the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree program, these posts have all but vanished from my routine. It’s less a lack of time and more the feeling that with all of the material online about this field, I didn’t feel like I was adding enough to any of these basic topics to make the posts worth their while.

And so, I am changing the topics and frequency of the posts here. To borrow a term from The Lean Startup, I’m pivoting. I still plan on doing Personal posts. In fact, I plan to make them a lot more frequent. After all, the original goal was to document my personal journey into this field. That’s the true backbone of the narrative I want to get out. I also plan on including other posts, like Tools and Resources, Ice Cream Crimes, and some of the others.

What can you expect going forward? More posts from my perspective and fewer posts about concepts that already have so many writeups about them. So I am going to try to write one personal post and one other miscellaneous post per month.

I’m excited for the road ahead, and I think this change to the blog will be a big improvement to the range of topics I can cover. A journey is defined by its twists and turns, and we’re just getting started.

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