Think Stats and the Data Journeyman Curriculum

29 Oct 2014

Curriculum Think Stats Statistics Book

Data Journeyman Curriculum

This inaugural post of the Curriculum tag will set the stage for what I hope will become a strong thread in the Data Journeyman blog. In these posts, various educational materials (such as books, online classes, seminars, etc) will be explored to add to our data toolbelt, giving us better leverage for, and therefore improving the quality of, all the other posts on the blog as well.

The purpose of these posts, however, will not be to replace the source material, and in fact, I hope they encourage you to seek out the soure materials for yourself. Some of the posts will give a general overview of the material, while others will focus on topics of particular interest or importance.

Think Stats

The first item on the syllabus will be the O’Reilly book Think Stats by Allen B. Downey. Think Stats covers all the statistics basics that I’ve forgotten from college: probability, descriptive statistics, distributions, testing hypotheses, etc. This book assumes a basic level of programming ability and uses Python for its examples (like this blog), and uses programming as an effective way of conveying the material. From the book’s cover,

If you know how to program, you hae the skills to turn data into knowledge, using the tools of probability and statistics.

Sounds like the perfect place to start.

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